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SITE COOKIES POLICY relating solely to this site,, hereinafter "this site".
Information on the types and use of cookies on this site
This part of the page contains the necessary information about the use of cookies on this site and how to identify, disable or delete them. This Policy may be updated at any time based on any changes and modifications to current legislation or for any implementation or cancellation of cookies.
What are cookies?
Cookies are strings that are automatically saved on the devices used by users while they are browsing the site and allow the site to recognise the user after the first visit in order to improve and simplify its use.
Which cookies are used on the site and for what purpose:
This site uses both temporary technical cookies, which have a limited duration and are deleted when the browser is closed, and third-party cookies, which remain stored in the device even after leaving the site visited or closing the browser and remain until their scheduled expiry date or until they are manually deleted by the user.
Technical or session cookies: purely temporary, in this case generated by the site's construction software, they allow you to use all the features of the site itself.
Analysis cookies: these are third party cookies that collect aggregate information about user behaviour on the site and improve the user experience. The information collected in this way is not personal because the data is anonymous and collected with anonymised IP.

Advertising cookies: This site does not use advertising cookies. However, for information on what cookies are used by Google Adwords please read this resource

Additional information:
An additional thought seems to us to be due, in order to provide complete indications and better knowledge: during the consultation of resources on the web, if carried out while already logged in with any account (i.e. with accesses carried out by entering - or memorizing the same credentials - username and password to services or social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and many others), may involve the collection of some data entered in that phase of registration (e.g. age, if man or woman, location...); we can find confirmation of this statement when, while surfing, we see messages appear that are very targeted to our "generic profile" that we have on the web.
 Remember that it is always possible to deactivate data collection through the functions on the appropriate page of each Google account, or through the Google OptOut tool and by downloading the add-on for the browser used.

Accepting or rejecting cookies is your right
By using our website, you implicitly consent to the use of the above-mentioned cookies.
The default settings of browsers generally accept the use of cookies both from the site you are visiting and from linked third-party sites.
It is ALWAYS POSSIBLE to modify these settings by choosing the desired options, accessing the tools of the browser used and deciding: whether full acceptance, whether the display of a warning to then proceed to an explicit action on the part of the user or the rejection of cookies (either from all sites or only from third parties).
For this cookie management it is necessary to modify the browser settings through the tools provided within the browsers themselves. Below are links to descriptions of cookie management methods for some of the most commonly used browsers:


For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third-party profiling cookies, please visit

Cookie preferences must be set for each device you use and in each of the browsers you use (if more than one) for internet browsing.
Pursuant to art. 122, second paragraph of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies (Official Gazette No. 126 of 03/06/2014 and its register of provisions No. 229 08/05/2014) this page can be reached from all pages of this site through a link called "Privacy and Cookies Policy", located in the footer (bottom).
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